I don't have the answers. In fact that's why this online diary exists. It's my journey to finding myself; To finding peace in this messy world. 

After a series of unfortunate events, I found myself without housing in my early twenties. At my darkest moment, I felt a growl tremble inside me. I had no idea where it came from, but I knew following it was my chance at feeling alive, and I didn't have anything to lose. 

I converted a school bus and turned it into a tiny home and now live full time on the road. This alternative, intentional life of mine, is what allows me to stay connected with what truly matters i this short life: Love, Peace, Nature, Community, Joy.


I'm following every growl and ache inside me. I'm going wherever instinct takes me. My passions and fears have become my compass. I'm (slowly, painfully, beautifully) letting myself shed the trauma, expectations, and pressures that, in the past, have buried my soul.  I've never felt more alive, more at peace, more empowered, after having taken this leap. I don't know what this journey means, or if it's supposed to mean anything at all. I don't know how I'll change or what I'll learn. But I feel compelled to write some of it down, even if it's muddled and imperfect.

If somehow, you find yourself reading this, maybe your soul is growling too.