How I Got Here

I quit my job, traveled the globe on a bootstrap budget, hit rock bottom, and converted a little school bus into a tiny house that I am living in full time with my partner Dan.


This journey is about living intentionally. To me that means living the way your spirit calls you, especially when it's not mainstream or traditionally successful. It's being brave enough to push beyond what's confining you: fear, societal expectations, the opinion of others, misogyny, racism, your own self limiting thoughts. It's about being brave enough to discover and share your most authentic self. Life's too short to live with regrets of the undone. So I'm doing the damn thing.

a l y s s a

the full story...

Have you ever felt empty? Like your life can't be what it is, because it would just be too difficult to accept? Like you're desperate to figure out your purpose? Being in a place like that sucks out your soul. That was me. 


I was tired of living how I was "supposed to"; Living by the expectations of others and letting society define for me what success was. I was so desperate to feel alive but I had no idea where to start or how to escape my life situation. So I opened up my google doc titled: "Bucket List".  In a desperate attempt to find myself, I impulsively spent my entire savings on a trip to Africa. Classic millennial.

Taking that trip was like breaking the surface and gasping for air after being submerged underwater for so long. I needed to hold onto that feeling. I had no idea why I felt compelled to go on these trips, but all I knew is that I needed to go where my spirit told me. ​I then explored bits of the US, then backpacked Thailand, a place that had been calling my name for a while. Thailand inspired me to get back into my passion for writing, and start this blog. While in Thailand I hit one of the highest points in my life: feeling passionate, self aware, inspired, and motivated to jump into the rest of my life. I wasn't prepared for what was just ahead...  

A day after returning from Thailand, I lost one of my best friends to suicide. In the following three months I became unemployed, evicted, and homeless, living in my car. Just like that my life crumbled. My sweet Grandma was my saving grace, inviting me to stay on her couch in a rural town in upstate New York. I spent months grieving, questioning, healing, growing, processing. I was stripped down to nothing. I spent time meditating on connecting with who I am, trying to understand how to put myself back together and create something meaningful out of my life's chaos. 

My gut then told me to chase another ridiculous dream: the bus life. That would allow me to get back to the basics: living simply and intentionally. I wanted to ensure I always stayed connected with myself, the natural world, what's truly important; living wholeheartedly  in every way. Low and behold, just down the street from Grandma's house, was a little yellow bus for sale. It just so happened to be the exact year, make, and model I was looking for. So I sold my car and bought it. I had no idea how to renovate it or finance it, but I knew the first step was to buy the damn thing so I did it. 

Shortly after buying the bus I got a phone call from a friend I met in Thailand, asking me to join him and a couple other creatives on a job in Iceland. Something sparked inside, and I went. My passion was reignited and I had the opportunity to work with brands and other inspiring artists. I learned so much from that trip, and owe so much of what I do now to what I gained from that experience. 

I flew back home and flipped my life around. I started my own company, fell in love, got sponsored, and finished renovating the bus. Over the course of those 12 months, I went from being homeless and unemployed, to living the happiest days of my life.  

For the year 2019, I will be living full time in the bus (LUCKY) with my partner Dan. We will be traveling across the USA, doing all the things that set our souls on fire. I'll be damned if I wake up when I'm middle aged with grey hair, debt, and no passion in my belly. 

I'll be documenting the journey on Instagram and Youtube, so come follow along. Don't miss out on the adventure. You'll at least want to see the bloopers. ​