dear diary...

my most raw, unedited, disorganized,  thoughts.  The incomplete pieces that don't make the blog but tell my story.




2019. The year I feel like I've been waiting for my entire life. I'm anxious, I'm scared, and I'm exhilarated for what's ahead.  I'm itching to leave the past behind, treading strong and victorious on my journey this lifetime. For the first time in my life, I feel centered; I'm not just surviving, I'm LIVING. My life is no longer consumed by death and fear and emptiness. I feel air in my lungs, a beat in my chest, and a craving to hold onto this feeling forever. In just a couple short weeks Dan and I leave all that we know for a year long journey in an old yellow bus. So many fears come along with the unknown: Will our relationship be okay? Will we make it financially? Are we crazy? Is disaster ahead? Somehow now as I write down these fears that keep festering, I'm smiling. Because they're all fabrications. I'm doing exactly what my soul is calling me to do, and I am so grateful and excited I could burst into tears. I have no idea what's ahead. How beautiful is that?  -A.