5 Must-Have Tiny House Design Features

Living tiny and on the road doesn't have to be difficult. With the right design features, it's not as clumsy as one may think. I currently live in a 100 sq. ft. tiny home on wheels with my partner Dan. Our tiny home is also known as the LUCKY bus. Check out these 5 Must-Have design features for your tiny house to ensure easy living.

Bamboo Flooring

Let me start off with an absolute must. If there's anything to spend a little extra money on, it is this. I have seen countless laminate floors warp due to heat and need to be totally ripped out and replaced. Talk about an inconvenience. Bamboo is typically a more expensive option, however it will save you tremendous money and hassle in the long run. If you can find scrap bamboo flooring from a larger project that'll cut cost.

The benefits of bamboo flooring:

1. Scratch resistant

The road life tracks in a lot of dirt and rocks. Scratch resistant flooring will keep your rig looking good for the long term.

2. Water resistant

3. Eco-friendly option

You can feel even better about this option knowing it's gentler on the Earth.

4. Flexibility

Bamboo is slightly flexible, which is important in a moving vehicle. Would be terrible to hit a rocky road and your beautiful floor pay the price.

Our beautiful bamboo floor was sourced from 84 Lumber, an incredible company to work with especially as a DIYer. Walk into a store and have personalized help on any project.

Under Mount Sink

This might not seem like a design must-have, but I can say it improves the quality of tiny living tremendously. An under mount sink allows for a sink cover, which increases your amount of usable counter top space. Space is the most valuable asset in tiny living, so creating multi-functional space is increasing your square footage. A bonus feature, is that you also have a way to hide dirty dishes and dirty dish smells. Now that's what I call a win-win.

Above-Floor Pantry

A pantry is a must in terms of organization and cleanliness. But more importantly, a pantry that does not touch your floor is even more important. Why? Critters. Having a sealed, above-floor pantry is a game changer for not attracting unwanted guests. One of the few nights we didn't put all our snacks away and a box of graham crackers was left on the floor, we had a visitor: Mr. Mouse. Luckily Dan scared him out immediately, so not much damage was done. Incorporating this into your design from the beginning can save you a lot of hassle (and crumbs).

Our accent wood we chose was Poplar. This was inspired by the Degsy Tiny House from 84 Tiny Living. It keeps things light and airy while still creating that cozy feel.

The Necessary amount of Closet Space

Ahhh. The Closet. Now if you're planning on living tiny, I'm sure you're expecting to downsize. But there's more you need to fit in your closet than just clothes.

Things to consider leaving room for:

1. Broom/ swiffer/ vacuum

2. Folding table

3. toilet paper / composting toilet matter (coco coir / peet moss)

4. Dirty laundry

5. Solar system components

If you do not make room for these things, your space immediately becomes cluttered and it becomes difficult to move around. I learned quickly that if something doesn't have a designated space from the get go, it just jumps around the whole tiny house always getting in the way.

In my closet I created a couple of different "open storage" options. I have a few open shelves, as well as an area on the right hand side where I can tuck away my table, broom, and shoes underneath. I modeled my closet space after the Degsy Tiny Home designed by 84 Lumber as well, as that tiny home on wheels is so well designed.

Butcher Block Counter Top

Okay, this might not be an absolute must... But if you can do it, do it. A butcher block counter top is a timeless design choice, and the warm wood tones will keep your space cozy. My butcher block is the statement piece that pulls the entire home together. Not only is it gorgeous, but it's functional and easy to maintain. It is even made from scrap wood to coincide with our sustainable living values. How awesome is that?! Our butcher block is sourced again from 84 Lumber, inspired by the counter top in their Countryside tiny home on wheels.

For more tiny living design inspiration, visit www.84tinyliving.com , and also feel free to check out my tiny house tour on my Youtube Channel Regretlyss.

I would love to chat with you in the comments of my youtube channel or Instagram page. Please feel free to reach out. Happy Trails!