Bangkok Ruined me in 24 Hours

More PHOTOS Coming soon! (Hard to edit pics on an overnight bus to chiang Mai)

After three flights, two layovers, and 33 hours later, I FINALLY arrived in Bangkok. These past 24 hours I'm running on three hours of sleep, and I don't think I'll actually survive an entire week in Bangkok. I almost feel as if I'm in some sort of deleted scene from the Hangover (fun fact, parts of it were filmed here).

Immediately when I began talking to fellow backpackers after checking into my hostel, I was given looks of horror as the words "I'm staying here for a week" slip out of my mouth. The most common responses to that statement are "good luck" and "Are you sure? Why don't you come with me, I leave for Bali tomorrow." This confused me a bit, but I thought to myself, "It can't be that bad." Well 24 hours later, I'm barely alive to tell the tale. Bangkok is one of the most out of control cities I've ever been to. It is one HELL of a GOOD time. There are no rules. Anything goes. The opportunities are endless. The daytime is full of incredible sights, temples, markets and culture. It is truly one of the most vibrant cultures I've ever experienced. But with all the sights, come all the spectacular chaos. The out of control tuk tuk drivers, the constant hustle of thousands of people around you, the overwhelming attitude of people doing whatever the hell they want. I've found myself constantly looking around unable to take in all of the amazing things happening. There's never a dull moment.

Once the sun goes down, it's a whole new kind of crazy. As you walk down Khao San road (the infamous backpackers capitol of the world) you will step into one giant outdoor party. The road becomes pedestrians only at night, as thousands of backpackers and tourists flood the street. You simply don't go out and get a drink in a standard glass, you are handed a bucket of (questionable) liquor.The street is lined with vendors and bars that open up to the road. There's no need to actually go inside a bar or club. All of the venues are completely open to the street (it's almost as if they don't have a fourth wall) with their speakers blasting towards the open air. You can just walk down the street and experience every bar. Walk a few yards, find yourself immersed in heavy bass dance music, with everyone on the street dancing the night away. Walk a few yards further and find yourself jamming out to a live reggae band. There are bright lights and street vendors with every step. You'll be offered everything from balloons full of unknown chemicals for a quick high to scorpions on a stick for a tasty 4 am snack.

Bangkok is sort of like that hot and heavy fling you have with that super sexy but equally crazy significant other. You're ecstatic it happened, you'll brag about the story, you're sad to see it go, but you're relieved to move on because that shit was just crazy.


With that being said, I HIGHLY recommend Bangkok. I have met the most incredible people. But 3, 4 days tops should do it. Your body may not be able to handle much more if you're the partying type. Needless to say, I did not spend an entire week in Bangkok. I'll be posting a blog about all my tips, tricks, and recommendations of where to go and and to survive Bangkok later this week.

Stay blessed homies!