BUS ANNOUNCEMENT: Secret Partner Revealed

For months Dan and I have been sharing secretive Insta stories and trying to contain our excitement for what we're about to announce. And the news is....

We are partnering with 84 Lumber!!

For those of you who don't know 84 Lumber, you might remember them from their viral Superbowl ad last year. They heard about our story of living minimally and wholeheartedly, and wanted to be a part of the adventure. Our bus will be fitted with 84 Lumber materials with a focus on sustainability and modern functionality. 84 Lumber is on the cutting edge of the tiny house market (having a tiny house division of their own), and Dan and I could not be more excited to be partnering with a brand that is so committed to community, the environment, and social responsibility. 84 Lumber has a goal to inspire a spirit of adventure that encourages everyone to simplify their priorities and live happily with less.

With that being said... Our epic year long journey across the country will be starting:

January 2019!!

Thanks to the support of 84 Lumber the renovation of our little bus is going FULL SPEED AHEAD. We will be hitting the road come the new year.

The bus in it's current state! The renovation is happening fast.

To make things even more exciting, the renovation will be happening LIVE!

Our builder Skoolie Homes will be giving updates on their Instagram every week on their story highlight. All of you will be able to vote on certain design elements, follow the build progress, and be a part of the entire process.

We are embarking on this journey not only because we want to experience the beauty, adrenaline, and freedom of the open road. But also, because we want to share what it feels like to be truly alive and live intentionally, in its rawest form. As part of our mission, we will be leaving a positive impact on the communities that we visit and making a conscious decision to live sustainably in every way, which we hope will inspire others to do the same.

To commemorate this exciting new chapter, we have given the bus a new name:


(adj.): Fortunate & Happy

(noun): Home

Thank you to everyone who has followed along and given us words of encouragement. We cannot wait for the adventure ahead. Stay tuned!

Thank you to 84 Lumber and Skoolie Homes for supporting the build of the LUCKY bus, and believing in this journey. We couldn't be more excited for the road ahead.