Bus Life: Is it Worth it?

So it's been a couple months now since I purchased "Frankie", my bright yellow adventure on wheels. With the seats stripped out and my mattress on the floor, I sleep next to three giant boxes that contain my entire life. This is what I boil down to: three giant boxes, a mattress, and a bus. I'm at the WORST point in the conversion process/ lifestyle shift. I've cleared out the bus, moved my crap in, and don't have the money to move the process forward (yet). So I'm frozen in time, in this yellow box, no electricity, no plumbing, just a mattress and boxes. Sometimes it gets cold at night, sometimes I get lonely. Sometimes I have bad days and think "why the HELL did I flip my life upside down?" Sometimes I miss the easy things, like being able to come home to an apartment, plop on the couch, watch Netflix, just being mindless. Because you see, when you live in a bus with just the bare bones, the simple luxuries of a normal life are mostly stripped away. Instead of just waking up in the morning and getting ready for my day, I have to drive to the gym, get my shower bag together, and get ready in a locker room. I don't have my own kitchen to cook in anymore. I have to go sit at Barnes & Noble to charge my laptop. Sometimes I get tired and I just want things to be easy again, because in so many ways life has gotten harder since buying the bus...

But... then I realize that all the "what makes life easy" things that I've given up, I've given them up so I can have the big things. Like freedom. I have the freedom to travel whenever I want. I have financial freedom from paying overly expensive rent for an apartment I'm almost never in. I have the freedom to pursue my dreams. Yes, sometimes when it's late at night and I'm all alone bundled under the covers with a flashlight eating cheerios for dinner I grunt and moan and ask myself why. But then the very next morning I wake up happy, because I'm no longer a prisoner of my own life. I get to seize the day however I want. and THAT, makes it all worth it.

Given the choice between the easy life and the bus life, I choose the bus life. Someday in the future I'll look back on these days and smile, knowing that I paid my dues and that it was all part of the journey. Until then, all that's left to do is keep working hard and enjoy the ride.


I want to take this opportunity to thank Nancy, Doug & Shannon, family friends who have graciously let me park my bus on their property so that I always have a safe place to sleep at night. Thank you for being so kind, and believing in my dream, and letting me pop in to use your kitchen and bathroom if I ever need to. Words can't describe how grateful I am.