How to Celebrate Women's History Month / International Women's Day

March is Women's History Month, and March 8th was International Women's Day. As a woman who's been on a wild self empowerment journey this past year, I find myself interested in what this day actually means. And let me tell you honey, this is not some bogus holiday. This day stands for something. According to the website this day is about celebrating women and making shifts towards equality. So how do we celebrate? How do we as women do our part? I've broken down the perfect way to celebrate and how to be part of the movement below.

*I am proud to be sponsored by a woman owned and operated company, 84 Lumber. Especially in a male dominated field of construction, it is an honor to promote a company that embraces and promotes women in leadership positions. Thank you for leading by example Maggie, and keep paving the way!

Step 1: Celebrate YOU.

Us women endure so much, and we often dismiss our own achievements. Reflect back on this past year, even your lifetime, and really embrace your achievements with pride. You have come so far. Crack open a bottle of champagne and toast to YOU.

please enjoy this photo of me feeling empowered. If you want to join the movement of breaking free from a barrier (either self imposed or by society), use the hashtag #regretlyss on Instagram and post an image of you breaking free from a barrier. Could be big or small, just BREAK it!

Step 2: Celebrate the Women Around You

If you have women in your life that are making strides (guaranteed you do) then let your actions and your words celebrate them. You can celebrate them by patronizing their business, attending their event, sharing their story, giving them words of encouragement. That support means the world and fosters a culture of equality.

Step 3: Listen to Empowering Music

It's not a real celebration without music! Make a playlist of your favorite feminine artists and bathe in that empowered energy. Go ahead and blast it!

Below are some of my favorite artists to get your playlist started:

Step 4: Start the Conversation

Talk to people about the women you see doing incredible things. Creating conversations in which we celebrate and recognize women breaking the mold and pursuing equality makes a real cultural impact.

Here are some women that are inspiring me right now:

Lizzo - Taking a stand for self love

Greta Thunberg - Taking a stand for climate change activism

Malala - Taking a stand for women's rights

Angelina Jolie - Taking a stand for human rights

Sara Blakely - Taking a stand for breaking feminine stereotypes in business

Maggie Hardy Knox - Taking a stand for women leadership in male dominated industry

YOU - Taking a stand for _______. (Go ahead and fill in that blank).


It's the little decisions we make every day (like supporting women owned business), the conversations that we make, and the example we lead by that promote equality for all genders. It's that simple. So happy celebrating, and thank you for being part of this shift towards equality. #IWD2020