Story 13: What Are You Living For?

As my cross country trip in my unconverted Skoolie comes to an end, I think about where I'm going. We like to live in this illusion, of knowing where we're going. To see our lives decades into the future. Five year plan, ten year plan, career plan, retirement plan. It's all planned. It's meant to bring security, stability. Which don't get me wrong, are wonderful things. But what do we lose by resisting the unknown and the unstable? And why do we view the unknown and unstable as bad in the first place? I make an unexpected pit stop in Kansas to visit with some fellow nomads, then finally arrive to the Chrome Yellow shop in Denver where I will be building out my bus with my good friend Charlie Kern. I feel so lucky to be here, and welcome the journey ahead. Cheers to the unknown. Click the SUBSCRIBE button to join the journey. For daily updates, follow me on Instagram: See you soon, Lyss

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