Story 17: I Don't want to Be Alone - Building a Tiny House

Here is the link to my fridge/ freezer from ICECO:


Well, I can feel what I want out of life is changing. That's both exciting and nerve-racking. But I'm leaning into this change of heart, as I can sense the importance of letting myself evolve. I'm not quite sure what will satiate this feeling... surely time will tell. I've made lots of progress on my tiny-house-on-wheels. Also in this video, I introduce you to the people at the shop. Tell me in the comments who you relate to the most: Ben, Ty, Charlie, or Rachel? They're all so different and talented, I feel very lucky to have these people in my life. I hope you all take a moment to remember how far you've come. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the work ahead, but you've already achieved so much. Sending you my love. Talk soon, Lyss.

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