The Ultimate Glamping Experience in Iceland

Volcanoes. Northern Lights. Raging Rivers.

Imagine being cozied up in hand stitched blankets on a queen sized bed inside a tent nestled at the bottom of a volcano. Now imagine stepping outside to see green and purple streaks dancing in the night sky. This place actually exists, and it's at Volcano Huts, Iceland.

This was one of my all time favorite adventures. The Move to Create team and I were traveling Iceland, and wanted to experience all of it's raw, natural beauty. We heard about this magical little place called Volcano Huts, and just couldn't resist. We left Reykjavik, traveled the Golden Circle, then headed off on our adventure. Journeying to this place is an experience of it's own. It's not for the faint of heart. You experience mother nature in all her glory. Once you turn off the main road to head towards Volcano Huts, that's where the adventure really begins. We found ourselves completely off the beaten path, surrounded by cascading cliffs, rushing rivers, and cascading waterfalls. Free roaming horses galloped by us and fog clung to parts of the volcano in the distance. We had to cross about 25 rivers to get to our final destination. The last raging river was impossible to cross in our own 4x4, so we hitched a ride with a fellow adventurer. The river was so high the water splashed against the windows, and took us slightly downstream before we safely made it across. Luckily we weren't one of the less fortunate folks who had to ditch their cars in the river (a rare, but real occurrence). Talk about a thrill.

That night we filled our bellies with traditional Icelandic food then went out to our tents to experience the magic of glamping in Iceland. We laughed amidst the candlelight, all cozy in our blankets. Then we peaked outside just at the off chance of seeing the northern lights, and low and behold, the most sensational display of the northern lights appeared. The colors danced around the stars, creating spirals in the sky. We stumbled out of the tent running around under the sky out of pure joy and excitement. It was the perfect night.

See below for a video showcasing the incredible glamping accommodations, as well as a couple photos from that night.

Until next time!


Photo by: @Luke_JClark

Photo by: @Luke_JClark

Photo by: @Luke_JClark