Why Did I Choose the Bus Life?

It's official. Dan and I have completely flipped our life upside down and have been living in the bus full time for 2 full weeks. One of the first questions we get asked is "Why?" It's one of the most fulfilling lifestyle changes I've made. Here's why.

Finances. The bus life is a way to get ahead financially. Instead of throwing money down the drain every month towards rent and never seeing that money again, putting money into our tiny home on wheels is an investment. We'll be able to make some of that money back if we ever decide to sell, or Airbnb Lucky out after we're finished living the bus life (that day is far far away). Not to mention, the cost of living in the road is less than traditional housing options. Stay tuned for our monthly cost break down to come. The downside is upfront cost, but in the long run it is absolutely worth it.

Travel. The open road being your home is the ultimate high. It's an opportunity that not many get to have, and it's humbling to explore the world at my own leisure. Experiencing the variety of cultures, climates, places, and everything in between is absolutely priceless. It's amazing how travel allows for so much self growth while creating a deeper appreciation for what is out there in the world.

Environmental. The bus life makes you think about all resources differently. You're forced to monitor your consumption of everything in the best way. It puts you back in touch with the reality of our environmental state. I've always considered myself to be environmentally conscious, but to really feel how precious resources are and how much excess we are accustomed too, it's a whole new feeling. Water, electricity, solar and trash are all things that you feel very protective of because it dictates the quality of your life. These things are no long just indefinitely at your disposal. Being back in touch with the natural world, both in terms of consumption and also witnessing the effects of climate change and the variety of ecosystems this continent has to offer, is the most powerful thing I've experienced so far. It's frightening to know how out of touch we've become, and it's really lit a fire in me to be a part of the solution. The bus life has drastically reduced my carbon footprint.

Minimalism. I had no idea, but my life was previously consumed by anxiety of "needs" that weren't actually real. Knowing that every item I own now serves a purpose or "sparks joy" (shout out to my girl Marie Kondo) is such a liberating and empowered feeling. I don't own things because I "might" need it in the future, or "might" want to wear it to an event that doesn't exist in my schedule. Once I shed all of that anxiety and changed my default consumerist mindset, it was a weight off my shoulders. Less really is more.

Self Love. I have never been happier than I am right now. Going tiny has created so much freedom and space in my life. It feels like I've broken free of the hamster wheel. I am now completely in control of how I spend my days, and everything I do is out of intention and desire, not out of routine or because it's what I'm "supposed" to be doing. Slowing down and reconnecting with myself and what truly matters has been life changing. This, is living.

The build of our Skoolie was in part made possible by 84 Lumber, a company who believes in what tiny living stands for.